Can't stop loving you

Chapter 15 Pay The Price

She was curious why she was always the one who got into trouble? Why should I do this? '?

"It's useless to flatter me. Next I'm going to another place. You can go with me." As soon as he finished saying that, he grasped her arm and walked in another direction.

Margaret struggled and even grabbed his powerful palm with the other hand. She shouted, "what are you doing! I won't leave! "

"It's not up to you!" A mocking smile broke across Maynard's face. He exerted force to his hand, and Viola was pulled forward like a kite.

It was not until she was pulled to a vast square that Maynard had mercy to let her go.

Massaging her aching wrist, Viola screamed angrily, "What the hell are you doing? We don't have any enmity against each other. Why do you hold on to me? "

"I'm just investigating something." Maynard straightened his suit, which was a bit messy, and reminded her with "kindness", "Don't you see where we are?"

She glanced around casually and retorted, "Where can I be? I'm just..."

After seeing everything around her clearly, she suddenly stopped.

She quickly turned around with her back to Maynard, and her blood was being frozen.

This was where a music party had been held five years ago. She had been drugged and taken to Maynard's bed in a daze that night

Viola's face turned pale. Before she could respond, she lifted her chin with one hand.