Can't stop loving you

Chapter 13 That Night Five Years Ago

Trying to resist the urge to escape, Viola entered the CEO's office.

She had thought that even if she ran so fast now, she would still be caught by the chief editor.

Therefore, she felt ill at ease and sat down on the sofa.

"Miss Qi, take a seat. I'm going to copy the data." Julie said as she closed the door.

Viola suddenly felt that it was a waste of talent for such a good assistant to be owned by Maynard, the demon.

At this moment, a gust of wind blew in from the outside of the window, and several pieces of paper on the desk were blown to her feet.

Viola bent over to pick up the box and was about to put it back on the table. Suddenly, she saw her photo on the top left corner of the box, with the words "Information about Viola".

She was startled and quickly looked through them one by one. The information on the document could be said to be in details, and he knew exactly where she went. What's more, she noticed that the information was found by him when she was a child.

Did he discover something?

Trembling with fear, she clenched the paper into a ball unconsciously.

A sound of opening the door came through. It was Maynard.