Boss's Sweet Secretary

Chapter 47: Tender Dream Of the Past

After she came out of the shower, she was sitting on her bed with her hair still wet. She saw her phone flashing so she picked it up and looked at it. There were three missed calls were from an unknown number.

She frowned, deleted the unknown number, closed her phone and lay back on the bed.

After sleeping for a while, the phone rang again. She touched the phone and glanced at the screen. It was the same unknown number. She answered it and spoke in a weak voice.



The familiar voice on the phone was a tenderness she could never forget. It was her tender dream of the past from her youth.

"It's you?"

Her voice was a little dry. After coughing, her voice returned to normal. "How did you get my number?"

"My agent helped me get it. Jennifer, how have you been recently?"

Jennifer was stunned for a moment and said lightly.

"I'm fine. You've seen me the other day, I'm doing well."

The person on the other end of the line hesitated for a moment. "I want to apologize to you face to face for the attack, after all, my fans attacked you because of me..."

"It's okay, it's not a big deal. Since it's over, we don't have to meet again. You're busy." Jennifer interrupted him.

Hearing this, the voice on the phone hurriedly said, "I'm not busy, I can find the time for you."