Boss's Sweet Secretary

Chapter 45: Loving Deeply Will Not Live Longer, Too Smart Will Get You Hurt.

When Jennifer entered the door and changed her shoes at the entryway, she finally realized what was wrong.

Usually, the servants would be all over the house doing their jobs, they would be in the kitchen, living room, and laundry room busy doing something. But today, the whole house was very quiet and empty.

She froze at the entryway with one foot in the soft pink slippers and another foot was still in her flats. 

"Where is everyone else?" She thought.

As she was wondering, she suddenly heard someone entering the password at the door.

With a click, the door cracked open. A short-haired woman struggled to push her way in through the door with a suitcase. She was wearing a faded pink tracksuit. She had just stuck her head through the door when she saw Jennifer, her face suddenly stiffened.

"Miss Jennifer... you... are back."

Jennifer looked at the woman who came in with a strange look.

"Nancy? What happened? Where have you been? Where's everyone else?"

Nancy was the servant who helped Jennifer to run a bath last night. In the house, she and Daisy were the youngest, just in their early twenties. The other servants were older.

Nancy was standing at the door with two huge black suitcases in her hands. She was afraid of dirtying the carpet on the entryway so she didn't dare to put them down. She looked at Jennifer with sweat all over her face. Thinking of what happened last night, her face was pale.

"It's a long story. Miss Jennifer, how about you change your shoes and sit down, then I will tell you?"

On the sofa in the living room.

Nancy made a cup of tea and handed it to Jennifer. Her hands were a little cold so she just took it to warm them up.

"What's going on? Where are the other servants?"