Boss's Sweet Secretary

Chapter 43: Love-Hate Relationship

"Mr. Hans... Nancy was the one who filled up the bathtub, and she was also the one who called the ambulance. We... we don't know what happened, we just follow what she said."

The aroma lamp in the bathroom was still on, giving off a dim light.

Hans took a deep breath and felt something was wrong.

"Who turned on the aroma lamp?"

The two old servants looked at each other, and one of them trembled and lowered her head. "It's Daisy..."

"Where is she?"

"She, she said something happened at home two days ago and asked for leave to go home."

In other words, the aroma lamp had been in Jennifer's bathroom for a long time.

There was nothing wrong with the aroma lamp, it was no different from the ones in other bathrooms in the villa. The only difference was the mixture of essential oil inside the lamp.

The moment Hans took a sniff, he knew that it was the Lavender essential oil that his friend brought back from abroad to treat his insomnia. After a while, the doctor said that it was too potent and it could be dangerous, so he casually asked the servant to throw it out. Who knew that they changed the normal essential oil in the bathroom without him knowing.

Late at night, outside the hospital ward nearest to the villa.

"Daisy's family was poor, so she always secretly took Miss Jennifer's things to sell. Usually, she would take some branded shopping bags. A shopping bag can sell for more than 100 dollars. I caught her twice, but she said these things were just trash for Miss Jennifer, so she was just helping her to dispose of it. Later, she would take some small things like the makeups that Miss Jennifer bought... Miss Jennifer was very easy-going, I reminded her a few times but she didn't take it seriously..."

Hans's face darkened.

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