Boss's Sweet Secretary

Chapter 29: I Heard You Became a Social Climber.

Monica sat on the sofa with her legs crossed, she looked slender. If Jennifer were a man, she would not be able to look away.

She looked at Jennifer and asked curiously, "Do you have a boyfriend?"

Hearing this, a strange look flashed across Jennifer's face.

"Miss Monica, I don't think we are close enough to talk about this."

Monica was not angry either. She smiled knowingly. "I used to suspect that... but now I am relieved. It turns out that you and Jackson are old friends."

Hearing Jackson's name, Jennifer's face froze and she looked at Monica stiffly.

"How did she know?" Jennifer thought.

Looking at her surprised look, Monica tucked back her hair. "You always seemed quite low-key, and you are distant to the company's staff. I thought you and Hans were... Forget it. Since you have someone in mind, I will give you my blessing. You are totally a social climber.

The way she only spoke half her mind made Jennifer frown.

"Miss Monica, why don't you make it clear?"

A noise came from the elevator. It seemed like the board meeting had ended. Hans and his assistant James came back. Monica's expression changed. She stood up from the sofa and gave Jennifer an ambiguous look. "What? You don't watch the news?"

When Hans came back, he saw Monica come out from the secretary's office. Her bright red cloak assaulted his vision and her strong perfume scent made him frown.

"Hans... You finally finished the meeting. I have been waiting for you for a long time."

Hans's looked coldly through the glass door of the secretary office and saw Jennifer standing behind her desk dejectedly. Their eyes met.