Boss's Sweet Secretary

Chapter 20: Show Me What You Can Do

Under this enormous fear, Jennifer had no time to guess if he had ulterior motives or to observe his behaviour. She only thought maybe he was being kind since they lived together now. She finally stopped crying. " You can do anything."

"Remember what you promised."

Hans stood up and his shadow amplified. She couldn't see his expression clearly against the light, she only heard him say coldly, "Follow me."

Jennifer was stunned for a moment, then got up from the sofa as if she had been saved. She endured the discomfort and hurried to follow Hans.

All of the servants looked at each other in dismay. Even those who usually looked down on Jennifer showed sympathy.

Who would have thought that Hans, the prince charming of thousands of women, the founder of his entertainment empire, would treat women so beastly?

Or maybe he was only like this with Jennifer.

The bedroom on the second floor was spacious with very little furniture, only a wardrobe, a big bed, and four walls.