Boss's Sweet Secretary

Chapter 17: Bumped Into by Hans

The car steadily stopped in front of the villa, and the dim street lights cast a lonely shadow on the car.

In the dead of night, the whole neighbourhood was silent except for the gust of cold wind blowing past them.

Jennifer got out of the car, followed by another figure opening the door and leaving the driver's seat.

"Jennifer." Jackson quickly caught up with Jennifer. Before she got up the stairs, he grabbed her wrist. "I have something to say to you..."

"What?" He pulled her into his arms unexpectedly as she turned around, and she slammed into his warm embrace.

Not used to such physical touch, Jennifer hurried to push him away, but Jackson stood still, his towering figure completely shrouding her.

"I came back for you—"

In the bedroom on the second floor of the luxurious villa, the lights were still on. A tall dark figure stood by the curtain and witnessed everything that was happening.

The wine glass gradually cracked in the man's clenched fingers.

"Heh... Jennifer." There was a hint of playfulness in Hans's low and hoarse voice, and a wicked look flashed in his gloomy eyes. "Very well then."

It seemed that he went too easy on her.


In the villa, Jennifer was surrounded by darkness.

"Jennifer, I came back for you—"