Boss's Sweet Secretary

Chapter 4: an Old Photo

"Knock, knock, knock—" She gathered her courage and stood in front of the president's office on the 17th floor, raising her hand.

A dead silence.

"Knock, knock, knock—" She knocked again.

Still, no one answered.

Jennifer took a deep breath. Just as she was ready to knock on the door for the third time, someone popped out from the office and kindly told her, "Secretary Jennifer, the senior management are having a meeting, and Mr. Hans just went to the conference room. I don't think he will be back anytime soon. If you have any documents, just leave them on his table."

She was taken aback, but looking around, she could see that there are less people in the office. They probably all went to the meeting.

"Okay, thank you." She smiled and thanked the man.

She then pushed open the door.

This was not the first time Jennifer had been here, but every time she came in, she was always impressed by the clean and tidy office in front of her.

Hans was a bit of a neat freak. So every time they shared a bed, there would be several servants to wipe down her body and even shave her body hair.