Boss's Sweet Secretary

Chapter 3 Not Even His Fiancée

He looked at her stiff manner half-jokingly, then loosened his grip on her slender wrist. He took out a white handkerchief from his trouser pocket in disgust and wiped his hands with it.

He threw the handkerchief at James after he wiped his hands and hurried out, passing by her nonchalantly.

"I'm leaving, Secretary Jennifer."

Jennifer only realized that Hans was leaving as his sneers came from the direction of the door.

He put his hands in his pockets, and in his well-tailored pants, he walked at his own pace with grace. She could hear his laughter were mixed with a hint of coldness.

"It's almost time for work. If you're late, you'll be punished!"

James gave her a blank look. He wanted to say something but he stopped himself before he turned around and quickly caught up with Hans.

Jennifer was the only one left in the big villa, except for the servants who were looking at each other.

"Do you know why I acquiesced in grandma's decision and let you live here?"

"Because no man would ever refuse a free 'sleeping partner'."