Boss's Sweet Secretary

Chapter 2 the Reason You Are in My Bed

"Something important?" Hans curved his lips up into a nonchalant smile. "What important things are you expecting grandma to say, huh?"

His vague smirk gave Jennifer goosebumps. She widened her eyes as she watched him get up from the chair, pick up the suit jacket, and inch closer to her.

Even after all these years, one thing she could not deny was that she was afraid of Hans. Very, very afraid.

His unpredictable character and evil behavior had always frightened her.

She was afraid of him, whether it was on the bed or off the bed.

Right now, Hans was less than half a meter away from her, and his narrowed eyes spelt danger.

She wanted to take a step back, but the stair railing was in her way. She had nowhere to go.

"If I'm not mistaken, the important thing you are hoping for is for grandma to announce our wedding, right?"