Chapter 900 Toby’s Concern

Anya froze in shock as she stared dazedly at Connor. It never crossed her mind that Connor would want to keep her in here for the sake of teaching her a lesson!

“M-Mr. Salzburg, you can’t! You can’t!”

She snapped out of her daze after some time and began to plead, her bulging eyes fixed on Connor. “Mr. Salzburg, I beg you, please don’t leave me here. I’ve really learned my lesson, and I will never go against your word ever again, I promise! So please save me from here. Please get me out of here!”

Connor remained stoic despite the sound of Anya’s pleading echoing across the room.

He got up with the help of his walking cane and walked away without even taking another look at Anya, who was still cuffed to her wheelchair. As he made his way toward the door, he said without turning around, “Like I said, if you made a mistake, then you should bear the consequences. You went behind my back, but I’m already being merciful by letting you stay here. You should be thankful for the fact that I still have a use for you, because otherwise, Toby won’t even have the chance to mess with you when you’re in prison. I will do it myself, and I’ll get someone to make sure that you snuff out in prison!”

His words silenced all of her pleading. She stared after him, her face stricken with terror and her body trembling violently.

He actually wanted her to die!


Of course he did. A miserable old conniving git like him would not keep someone around if they were of no use to him. She should be thanking her lucky stars that he still found her useful enough to not take her life just yet. At the same time, she was also clear now. As soon as he got what he wanted, then she would no longer be useful to him, and she would not be able to escape from his grasp. It meant that he was never going to let her get away with causing trouble for him. It was only a matter of time before she got her punishment.

Anya shuddered at the thought of this. There was no point in her begging for his help anymore, since he would never agree. In fact, she was beginning to fear that her pleading might only serve to make him angrier. If he lost all patience with her, then he might just get rid of her immediately. It would be too late for her to do anything then.

She simply had to put up with it for now. She was able to survive two months of torture at the mental asylum anyway, and it was unlikely that she would have to spend more than two months locked up in here!

Anya finally quietened down. She lowered her head and made no response.

Connor felt a little surprised that she settled down and stopped making a fuss. Soon enough, he smirked. “Seems like you’re behaving yourself now once you’ve realized the predicament you’re in. Not bad. It’s a good sign, so keep it up.”

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