Boss,I'm Not Your Stand-in Gilrfriend

Chapter 70 Dangerous Situation

Honestly speaking, I haven't seen Gavin go wild with alcohol. It was not as terrible as when he was in anger, but his pestering still bothers me.

I tried my best to get rid of him. "Gavin, let me go! I'm not in the mood to mess around with you. Just tell me what you want to do. I'll give you my life!"

Gavin laughed. "Do I even care about your worthless life? I want you...go back to me."

"In your dreams."

"How can you pay back my loss if you don't come back? You also know that I am not a good person. If you make me uncomfortable, your whole family will feel uncomfortable."

Gavin's eyes were vicious, as if he wanted to tear me apart immediately. I also looked at him with my teeth clenched. I was not afraid of him, but I was afraid that he would hurt my family.

After a long stalemate, Gavin laughed and let go of me. "Are you afraid too?"

"What the h*ll do you want?"

"Haven't I already said it? I asked you to stay with me."

"Why should I stay?"

"I have my own plan, and you should just say yes."

As for people like Gavin, I don't believe that he would let me go so easily. But I can't flinch. Besides, I'm not afraid of anything.

I stopped refusing him and Gavin stopped pestering me. He seemed to have seen through my answer and stumbled away.

I thought that Gavin would turn around and torture me right away, but I didn't see him again after a few days.