Chapter 66 (b) BSW

She took a deep breath and splashed more water on her face.. Her mood was dull after meeting with Pawan but she have to be ready to meet with her family as they planned surprise for her..

'You have to do this Aanya' saying to herself she stripped and stepped inside the shower and sighed at the feeling of water cascading down her body soothing her muscles.. When she rubbed her body with the body wash she felt his touch her fingers traced the hickeys which she had on her neck..

Why his touch never felt wrong?

Why she crave more and more of him?

she remembered the wonders he did previous night.."Stop touching yourself

are looking for camera but I don't have one inside the restroom.. it's just that I know you more

table wrapping around his lower waist.. With a water droplets on his chest and wet hairs caressing his forhead.. She followed the drop of

me I won't stop you Anya" he said winking at her and she shook her glaring at him "Get out of my room

have this weird dangerous mood swings" she stomped her feet in frustration hearing

said "Okay okay I am going here is your outfit your footwear


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