Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 74: Pleading for the maid

When Matthew left, Lauren didn't even know when she was awake. Her body was only covered with a thin quilt. Without looking, she knew that she was naked under the quilt. In particular, she clearly saw that her naked skin on the outside is Matthew left patches of bruises.

Lauren laughed bitterly and looked around, and didn't see any clothes. She had to grab the covers and pull them over her body, struggling to get out of bed.


Lauren shouted for a long time and no one came into the room, which made Lauren feel a little strange and couldn't help but walk towards the door of the room.

What was strange to Lauren was that she actually opened the door of the room easily and it was actually unlocked.

Without clothes, Lauren had to drape herself in the quilt and walked out of the room.

"Miss Li, why are you out?"

Lauren had just walked to the stairway when she saw Tom running towards her direction with a panicked look on his face.

"Tom, what happened, why don't I see Cindy ah?"

"This ......" Tom had a laconic look on his face, his eyes not daring to meet Lauren's.

"Tell me, where is Cindy? Say it?"

Tom's reaction gave Lauren a bad feeling.

"Cindy is in the hall, all the maids are in the hall now."

The first thing she did was to tell Lauren about Cindy's condition, and Lauren rushed to cover her body with the blanket and ran towards the hall, barefoot.

When she ran down the hall, the scene that caught her eye made her pale with fear.

"Stop it."

her body with one hand and

hell are you doing, what mistake did Cindy

her, I saw her sitting at the top

Cindy's fault, Cindy did something wrong, it's right to be

crawled to Lauren's side

bodyguards around him icily, with a flash of gloomy hostility in his

willing to take Cindy's place and accept the

about it; such pleading words came out of

going to take the

Lauren nodded.

willing to take any punishment you

ran to Lauren's

to let you go privately, so she pulled the phone number you gave me last time, but the young master found out before the phone number was pulled out.

and more determined to accept Matthew's punishment

hit me on the

the quilt tightly over her body

little overwhelmed, couldn't

"Sir, this ......"

she will be rewarded directly to

Lauren who was kneeling on the ground. cold and merciless there words. The cold and merciless words made Lauren stand up


suddenly laughed out loud. He stood up from the couch and walked over to

place; do you think you have the right to say no to me? You asked to be punished

eyes lifted and he

"Unless what?"

that the words that followed the unless were Matthew's

to leave me so that I can be spared all punishment for

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