A dozen hours later, Zachariah and his team got off the plane and hopped into a special car. The group of people went straight to the local office building of the corporation that cooperated with the Chambers Group.

As soon as he arrived, Zachariah started another meeting that lasted another few hours. When he finally took an half-hour break, it was already 1am.

The secretary heated up the set meal she bought and passed it to Zachariah, saying, "Mr. Chambers, you haven’t eaten all day. Have something."

Zachariah took the set meal and asked, "What time is it now?"

"One in the morning, Mr. Chambers."

Zachariah watched the beautiful night view of Paris out of the window and whispered, "Have you seen the beautiful night view of Paris, Ophelia? If you like it, let’s come here together someday, shall we?"

Unfortunately, Ophelia was not by his side for now, so no one answered him.

The secretary cast a worried look at Zachariah and ventured, "Do you have something on your mind, Mr. Chambers?"

Holding the meal box, Zachariah was enjoying the night view outside. Just as the secretary thought he wouldn’t answer her and was about to walk off, Zachariah asked her.

"Linda, what kind of woman do you think Ophelia is?"

Linda paused for a moment before she realized Zachariah was referring to his wife. This was the first time he had ever talked about his wife with her, and that surprised her.