"Did he say anything?"

"Boss asked me to take good care of you."

"Anything else?"

Ted stared at Ophelia in confusion.

Ophelia waved her hand and changed the subject. "I’ll go check on Tommy. Did he cry last night?"

"Tommy’s great, and he hardly cried during the night. He’s still asleep in the cradle," said Ted honestly.

"Thank you, Ted. If it weren’t for you last night, I’m afraid Madeleine and I wouldn’t have slept at all."

"That’s what I ought to do. You’re my Master, and Tommy is my Little Master, so it’s my duty to protect and look after him."

Ophelia waved her hand modestly and said, "Don’t say that, Ted. We’re equal. I’ll feel ashamed if you keep saying so. Zachariah sent you to protect me, not to be my nanny or housekeeper. Let us girls make breakfast from tomorrow. As a man, you just wait for the food."

"I cook all the time, and I’m quite good at it. Boss likes my cooking too. Mas… Ophelia, how about making that decision after having my food?"

Now that Ted said so, Ophelia could do nothing but accept his advice.

"Since you are sent to protect me, should I be the one to pay you?"