"Tommy and I are not as important as Savannah to Zach, right?"

It was as much of a dilemma as "will you choose me over your mom when we're at risk".

That might sound stupid, but it had trapped quite a few women.

"Dear, honey, that question made you sound so stupid," Madeleine joked. She wanted to make Ophelia laugh, only to find that Ophelia cried out.

Madeleine panicked. She hasted to wipe Ophelia's tears and asked, "Why are you crying? She had nothing to do with us! You don't have to feel sorry or sad for her. Stop crying, good girl, or I don't know what to do."

Ophelia cried for a while, which made her make-up blotchy.

They sat on the ground. Madeleine asked shrewdly, "Savannah is a pain in the neck, but do you really want to give up on Zach just because of her?"

Ophelia shook her head. She knew that this wasn't Zach's fault. Were she him, and her brother did that to her husband, she might renounce his brother; however, she wouldn't be righteous enough to put her brother in jail.

"I've never thought about divorcing Zach. I just felt bad when I saw him covering for Savannah, and I can't get that feeling out of my mind. I felt so scared and angry every time I thought Tommy could've been crushed in that accident. I don't understand why she hated me so badly that she actually hired someone to kill me. No matter how harsh people are, they will never let children suffer, let alone that Tommy is her nephew. I can't believe how she did that."

Madeleine was angry, too.

She said patiently, "She's a spoiled girl from a rich family who can't stand being ignored by others. I'm not surprised she did that if somebody had encouraged her. I think it may be Cora or her family. They tried so hard to alienate you and Zach's family."