The three talked for a while, then Zachariah said, “uncle Owen, I have to take Ophelia to meet other elders.”

“Go ahead.”

Zachariah took Ophelia to meet two more important elders, and then he took her upstairs with the worries that she would be tired.

“Zachariah, let’s go and see Savannah and Mom.” Said Ophelia.

“No, it has taken you so long to socialize with me, so you now go back to room and have a rest. Mom will handle the things about Savannah.”

Ophelia followed him toward the bedroom, but looked at him suspiciously and said, “Zachariah, is there something you have kept from me? Savannah was not having a tour to Korea with her friends, right?”

Zachariah grabbed her possessively with his arm around her waist and kept nudging her toward the bedroom.

Inside the bedroom, Zachariah lifted her.

Ophelia gasped slightly and wrapped her arms reflexively around Zachariah’s neck.

Zachariah strode over to the bed and gently laid her on it.

“Zachariah, is there something kept from me?” Ophelia asked as she lay on the bed with her eyes wide open. “You said we should be honest to each other and I don’t want to hear white lies.”