Savannah bit her lips angrily and suddenly ran from Mrs. Fletcher’s back. She kneeled down in front of Mrs. Chambers and cried out in tears, “Mom, I am sorry.”

What Savannah was doing suddenly caught attention from the surrounding guests.

Mrs. Chambers almost lost her control because of anger and remarked, “Savannah, stand up.”

Savannah shook her head hardly and refused to get up.

Mr. Chambers, Zachariah and Ophelia, who were talking with others on the other side walked towards them when finding what happened.

Mr. Chambers frowned and scolded in a low voice, “Savannah, what are you doing? Get up. Today is your niece’s first month party. Are you trying to let others make fun of us by doing this?”

Savannah stared at Ophelia angrily and cried in aggrievance, “Dad, I just want to go home. You have gotten angry with me, scolded me and driven me out. I have been away from home for half a month and have realized I am nothing without my family. Please let me come back. I don’t want to eat those junk food and wear cheap clothes. I get thinner and rougher skin after been away from home for only half a month. Dad, don’t you feel sorry for me?”

Mr. Chambers found his head got hurt. Savannah’s behaviour was deemed to make the Chambers family became the joke.

“Savannah, get up. Don’t scare your niece. Let’s discuss about it later when the party is over. Lots of people are watching us. Don’t behave like your parents are bullying you.” Mr. Chambers tried to suppress his anger and remarked.

However, Savannah was still kneeling down stupidly.

The guests, watching the scene of bustle, gradually gathered around. The lady who got acquainted with Mrs. Chambers remarked, “What happened, Savannah? Today is your niece’s first month party. You will bring bad luck by kneeling on the floor and crying. You’d better get up first. If you have irritated your mother, say something nice and she will cool down soon. You don’t have to make the situation so embarrassed. Well, look at your mother, she already gets bad expression for what you have done. Come on, listen to my words, get up first.”