“Helena, how could you allow such an impolite girl to stay by your side?” Mrs. Fletcher frowned and asked.

Mrs. Chambers glanced over Savannah, who was clearly afraid of her, and replied deliberately, “Madeleine is a lovely girl. I have made up my mind to let her be my goddaughter.”

Mrs. Fletcher also glanced at Savannah subconsciously and remarked, “Helena, have you lost your mind? How can you let an unrelated outsider to be your goddaughter while chasing your own daughter from hone and cutting her living expenses? You must be crazy. No wonder Savannah would find Cora for help in aggrievedly. I will consider you go too far this time even if I were you. She’s your own daughter. Don’t you have compassion for her?”

Mrs. Chambers showed a complex expression. Madeleine also felt weird because she originally thought it was Savannah who didn’t want to meet Ophelia everyday and moved away by herself. She never expected that Savannah was chases out by her mother.

However, why would Mrs. Chambers chase her out?

Madeleine got confused.

Mrs. Chambers comforted Tommy in her arms and answered, “Savannah is already in her twentieth. It’s time for her to be independent to practice. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. The young people should be more diligent. I don’t care how much she could earn. I just want her to make up a living.”

Mrs. Fletcher laughed out and remarked sarcastically, “Helena, that’s the biggest joke I have ever heard. Why would the young mistress from the Chambers family swallow her pride and get a low-paid job? If others know, people from the upper class will definitely make fun of you.”

Mrs. Chambers turned a deaf ear to her words.