Helena greeted Tassach with a nod and said, "Tassach, I heard that you were hospitalized here a while ago, but I’ve been busy taking care of Ophelia recently, so I haven’t had time to visit you. How are you feeling? Are you better now?"

Tassach nodded a greeting to her and replied, "Thank you for asking, Mrs. Chambers, but I’m well now."

"Glad to hear that. I understand a young person should work hard, but he also has to take good care of his own health, and so do you," said Helena.

"Yes, I will."

Helena turned to Madeleine and said, "I’ll take Tommy back with me in a while. As his godmother, do you want to come with us? I could tell he adores you."

Madeleine turned to stare at Tommy, who was in the incubator, and replied, "Are you taking Tommy back home so soon, Mrs. Chambers?"

"Tommy has spent the last two weeks in the hospital and it’s been long enough, but he’s better off staying at home, even if it’s well equipped here, and I might as well take him home with me now. Let’s see if Ophelia will be discharged when Tommy reaches one month old. If not, I’m afraid we have to put off his one-month-old celebration party," explained Helena.

Madeleine nodded and said, "Please leave without me, Mr. and Mrs. Chambers, because I need to talk to Tassach. I’ll go and see Tommy tomorrow. After all, there’s still time, and we don’t need to rush, do we?"

Helena beamed a smile.