Ophelia still continued to fill his plate with food while saying, “Being unhappy is now unnecessary for me. Miss Fletcher has been the one you love the most. It’s just a routine for you the care about her. After all, you have kept your eyes on her for so long. I am sure now you still dream of her, right?”

Hearing that, Zachariah seemed to notice her hidden jealousy.

“Hey, are you sure you didn’t notice how jealousy you were?” Zachariah teased.

Ophelia cast a glimpse at him, “Mr. Chambers, are you feeling good when jeering at me?”

Hearing that, he couldn’t help laughing loud. Meanwhile, Ophelia suddenly went blank while staring at his laughing face.

As his laughter ceased, Ophelia said unexpectedly, “Zachariah, you look really attractive while laughing.”

Zachariah paused all of a sudden. Then he noticed what she was saying.

So he asked jokingly, “Were you being infatuated because of me?”

At this moment, the candlelight even seemed to strip him off from his casual pride. Instead, he was now glowing with a sense of tenderness and kindness.