"Damn, babe!" Logan shouts from the front porch. "I didn't realize you were that slow," she adds with a cocky little laugh. Max is just sitting there, panting and happy next to my girl. 

I decided to run ak with Logan this morning. I wanted her to feel like she had a piece of home with her this holiday, and apparently, running a little over three miles is how she likes to wake up and celebrate Thanksgiving.

"How are you so fucking fast?" I ask her between heavy breaths. I stand up straight with my hands on my hips, trying to catch my breath as I walk up to where she's waiting for me, outside of the house.

Logan stayed stride for stride with me for about the first mile, then couldn't hold back any longer before she took off, and of course, my dog decided to run with her instead of me. 


"Thanks for doing that with me, baby," Logan says as she leans up and presses her lips to mine, wrapping her arms around my neck, both of us a little sweaty. Me more than her.

"It kind of liked it," I admit with a shrug. "Got my endorphins going," I tell her. "You know what else would get my endorphins going?" I ask with a smirk and raised brows as my hands conveniently find her ass.

"Oh, you're ready to lose your bet already?" Logan asks as she leans her sweaty body into mine, knowing exactly what she's doing to me.

"We said no sex in my parent's house. We aren't in my parent's house. We are on their front porch," I smugly remind her.

"No, we said first one to cave this weekend loses. We didn't say anything about the location." 

I throw my head back in frustration. "Remind me why we are doing this stupid bet?" I ask. 

"It was your idea," she shrugs. 

I don't know why I would make that bet with her. I regretted it about five minutes in when Logan changed right in front of me, slowly peeling off layer by layer and absolutely torturing me. Do you know how hard it is to sleep next to your half-naked girlfriend and keep your hands to yourself? I swear I had a hard-on all night.

With my arms still draped around her, Logan turns around in my embrace, bending over to scratch Max's head, allowing her ass to rub right up against my dick. "Oops," she says over her shoulder when she turns to look at me with a sneaky little grin. "My bad," she adds as my mouth gapes from the sensation.

"Good run, Maxy boy," she says as she opens the front door for him, leaving me without the much-needed friction of her body on mine. She turns and shoots me a sweet innocent smile, absolutely killing me. 

"Oh, that's how we are gonna play this?" I ask her with amusement, adjusting myself before walking into my parents' home. "It's on, baby," I add as I join her inside.

The smell of cinnamon, bacon, and fresh coffee fills my nostrils as we walk inside the noisy house. Logan and I fell asleep before the cousins got into town last night, and we left for our run before anyone was awake, but from the sound of it, she's about to meet everyone. 

"You guys went for a run?" Marc asks, still in his pajamas, as we bump into him at the base of the stairs. "You guys are so fucking weird," he adds, shaking his head, before walking ahead of us into the kitchen, straight to the coffee pot.

As soon as Logan and I walk into the kitchen, the room quiets. All my cousins and aunts are standing around the island, breakfast and coffee sitting ready in the center of it. Every single set of eyes turns to look at us standing in the entryway, wearing our workout clothes and covered in drying sweat. 


Mary's face is the first I spot, beaming with excitement as she brings her coffee cup to her lips, trying to hide her smile.

"Uh, hey everyone," I say to my family. "This is Logan," I add as I motion towards my girl, keeping my other hand on her lower back.

I'm pretty sure my two aunts are about to explode with joy, seeing another woman in this house as they look back and forth between each other, us, and my step-mom.

"Logan, this is Gavin, Gabe, and Garrett," I tell her, pointing to my three older cousins standing on one side of the island. "And that's Sam and Scotty," I add, motioning towards the twins. "And Aunt Molly and Aunt Grace."

"Nice to meet you all," Logan says with a sweet smile and a shy wave as the family all greets her with hellos. Or in Garrett and Sam's cases, wide eyes and gaping mouths. 

"No Liam this year?" I ask Gabe, wondering where his fiancé is. 

"I'm pretty sure his mother would kill me if I stole him for another Thanksgiving, and this is his last one before he's officially a Jones, so no, not this year," he tells me. "He'll be here for Christmas, though."

I grab a couple of water bottles from the fridge for Logan and me, and thankfully, most everyone goes back to minding their own business now that introductions are out of the way. 

"Where's Uncle Drew and Tommy?" I ask Mary. 

"They're out setting up for the football game later," she tells me. "Your dad is around somewhere." 

I pour Logan and myself each a coffee, using the festive mugs that Mary put out on the counter. Everything is orange and brown with turkeys or leaves on it. Mary loves a theme. I've known this since I was three. 

I open the fridge, looking for creamer, hoping that Mary bought the one I told her Logan likes. Not only is there one bottle, but there's two.

"Thanks, baby," Logan says when I set her hot coffee in front of her. "Mary, can I help you with anything?" She sweetly offers. 

"I think we are set for now, but maybe later?" Mary says. I know she doesn't need help. She and my aunts never let anyone in the kitchen on Thanksgiving. But, I also know that Mary will do just about anything to spend time with my girlfriend. 

"Morning, everyone!" my dad booms as he walks into the crowded kitchen, grabbing a slice of bacon from the island as he does. "Logan, how bad did you smoke EJ?" He asks. 

"You don't even want to know," she teases, shaking her head. 

"That's our girl," he says, pounding his fist with hers before kissing my step-mom on the cheek.

Last night Marc went to bed early, but Logan and I stayed up with Mary and my dad to play some cards. When I told my parents what our plan was for this morning, my dad would not stop giving me shit, knowing that I'm not a runner. But he also knows I'd do just about anything to make my girlfriend happy. Logan was pretty sure she was going to kick my ass, and she wasn't wrong. At least I won our round of Euchre last night; my ego needed a little stroke.