I let the hot water beat down on me as I stand under the stream in the locker room showers, with my hands on the tile wall and the water coating my exhausted body. The pulsing pressure feels amazing on my tight muscles. I've been going hard the last couple of weeks between important division games and longer practices, plus I've been staying late on the ice to get some extra reps in. My body can feel it. But I have to keep my head down and grind because the senior showcase is only a little over a month away. 

This morning's game felt good, and the pregame wake-up sex felt even better. It's been a couple of weeks since Logan and I first slept together, and it's gotten better each time. And by better, I mean for her. It's been fan-fucking-tastic each and every time since the start for me, but it's different for girls, and it's been more enjoyable for Logan the more we've done it. Regardless, Logan has taken it like a champ. But still, I'm looking forward to the day that I don't have to hold back with her.

"No Logan today?" Cam asks from the shower next to mine. 

"No, she's here. But I have some friends from out of town, so she and Marc gave up our family seats to sit in the student section today," I tell my assistant captain.

"I was wondering who that cute little blonde kid was, sitting right behind the bench," Cam says through the squeal of the showerhead. "Well, tell Logan that she was missed."

I give him a sideways glance. "Why are you creeping on my girlfriend anyway?" 

"She's my friend," Cam says with a shrug. "And she always hypes me up when I'm on the bench between shifts. I missed my pep talks today." 

What the fuck? "She doesn't do that for me," I tell him with furrowed brows.

"Maybe because you don't need it, NHL prospect," he says, brushing me off. "Whereas my'8" scrawny ass gets thrown into the boards by every giant asshole defenseman in the league. Sometimes I just need a little encouragement," he says with a shrug.

My guy, Cam. I try to look out for him on the ice, but we are rarely on the same shift. Of course, Logan would notice when he's getting beat up and needs a little pep talk. I fucking love that girl. 

"Well, I'll tell her you missed her," I say as I shut off my shower. "Have a good Thanksgiving, man."

I comb my fingers through my wet hair, trying to push it out of my face before throwing on my game-day suit. I toss my dirty jersey in the equipment bin and pack the rest of my gear in my gym bag. I snag my phone and keys from the top shelf of my locker, quickly eyeing my two favorite pictures that I have taped to the back of my stall, right where I can see them before every game—One of me and my girl and the other of my family.

When I step out of the locker room and into the player's tunnel, I'm surprised to hear it as quiet as it is. There's still a crowd waiting, but not as large as usual. Most students must be leaving for break right now, just as Logan and I are about to do. 

I don't even scan the crowd. I already know where she is. 

Just as I suspected, Logan is tucked away, up the hall, away from the crowd in her usual spot. She looks so fucking cute right now, wearing my maroon road jersey that literally drowns her frame. 

"Hi," she says as I make my way to her. Her pretty green eyes shine when she locks her gaze with mine. 

"Hi, baby," I say as I wrap her up in my embrace, kissing the top of her head as I do. 

"Good game. That shorthanded goal was pretty," Logan says with a tap of my ass. 

"Do you know how hot it is when you talk hockey to me?" I tell her before placing my needing lips on hers.


"Eli," a voice behind me says. 

I turn around, keeping my arm around Logan's shoulder, finding Trev just behind me. 

"Trev, glad you could make it, man," I tell him as I swing my arm over him in a hug. 

"Hey Stace," I say to the pregnant woman next to him as I quickly peck her cheek. Just as I do, I feel a little forty-pound boulder trying to take me out by the knees. 

"Little man!" I say, scooping up the blonde boy at my feet and holding him to my chest. 

"You... you... you the fastest one, Maddison," Ian says as he smooshes my cheeks together. 

"Oh, yeah? I bet you're probably faster than me by now," I tell my favorite little guy.

"Yeah, I... I... I the fastest," he says, proudly poking himself in the chest.

Ian has a little stutter that his parents are worried about, but the kid is a stud. He will be just fine.

"Baby, you remember Trev from the coffee shop?" I ask Logan while nodding towards Trev. 

"Yeah, of course. Hey, Trev," she says, hugging my friend. 

"And this is his wife Stacey and their son Ian." 

"I... I Maddison. You call me Maddison," Ian corrects me, making me laugh. I forgot that Trev told me that Ian now prefers to be referred to as 'Maddison' instead of his own name. 

"Well, Maddison," Logan begins. "That's a cool jersey you got on there," she says, pointing to Ian's chest. Ian is wearing the tiny jersey I sent him with my last name on it. You know, since it's his name now, too, apparently. 

Ian doesn't respond. Instead, his pale cheeks turn rosy as he lifts his shoulder, touching his face to it and giving Logan his sweetest smile.

Little flirt.

"I almost didn't believe Trev when he told me that Eli brought someone to the pond. I had to see it to believe it," Stacey says with a bright smile as she looks to Logan.

"Your property is so beautiful. I want to get back out there soon," Logan tells her. 

"Anytime. We would love to have you guys out. If you wait another month, the pond should be frozen over, and there will probably be a fourth," Stacey says as she rubs her pregnant belly. 

"You look great, Stace," I tell her. 

"Eli, you sweet liar. I look like I have a basketball stuffed under my shirt and my feet are the size of balloons."

"Still look great," I remind her with a shrug. 

"So, this is where my son learned to flirt," Trev chimes in, giving me shit. "It's all making sense." 

"You wanna go see the locker room?" I ask the little blonde boy in my arms. 

He quickly nods his head in agreement.