As I make my way downstairs, I find that the house is the most packed it's been all year, unsurprisingly so. We throw the best parties on campus, but our Halloween parties are legendary. Students from other schools make the drive just to attend the annual event.

The team cleared out the living room last night to make room for the makeshift dance floor, and we made the freshmen set up the DJ booth this morning. The house has been bumping with music for a while already, and the kitchen is overflowing with booze ready to consume.

Behind the costumes, I recognize the regulars. Plenty of the same girls who frequent the house are here, but there are a lot of new faces, too. Girls from other schools, I would assume. They're all dressed in little to nothing. Some are Playboy bunnies and others are naughty schoolgirls, mostly the cliche "sexy" Halloween costumes, but I could not give a fuck about a single one of them. The only one I care to spend time with tonight is my pretty girl with dark red hair, so if she could get here soon, that'd be great.

"A fucking hat trick?" A guy from behind me asks. "Are you just trying to make everyone else look bad?"

I'd recognize that voice anywhere.

"Jay, what's up, man?" I ask as I turn to face my old mentor. "I didn't know you were coming," I add as I connect my fist with his.

"No way in hell am I missing the Halloween party or your home opener. And besides, you owe me big time for bailing on alumni weekend. I don't know what the fuck that was about, but I haven't forgotten about it," he says.

The last time I saw Jay was the night that I was supposed to meet up with Logan to work on our creative writing paper, and he kept me here for hours on end. Then the next night, I bailed on the alumni party to hang out with my girl in her room after our night at the pond. That's still one of the best nights of my life, so I could give a fuck if my lack of presence hurt Jay's feelings.

"So, let's go. The least you could do is pour me a drink," Jay says as he nods towards the kitchen, but I don't move from my spot at the base of the stairs with a perfect sightline to the front door.

"Don't tell me you're not drinking," he says in an accusatory tone when I don't respond or follow him.

"I am, probably. But I'm just going to wait a bit," I tell him.

"Wait for what?" He looks at me, utterly lost and confused.

Wait for Logan, but I'm not going to tell him that. "Just seeing how the night plays out," I say instead.

"I don't know what the fuck has gotten into you, Maddison, but I think you need to get laid or something," Jay says.

Well, that doesn't sound half bad, but I'm waiting for Logan to tell me she's ready.

"Woah..." he begins but can't seem to finish his sentence with his mouth gaped open. I follow his line of sight, and I'm pretty sure my heart stops beating for a second.

I watch as Logan walks through my front door looking like an absolute snack, my eyes trailing her body as I take her in. She looks insane tonight in the best way possible. Her vibrant red hair is offset by the green of her outfit. She's wearing a tight green corset type thing causing her perky tits to be even more noticeable and full, and her tiny little skirt is barely covering her round ass. Her whole outfit is laced in ivy, and the dark green fishnets look sinfully delicious as they grace her toned legs. She's got a bit more ivy wrapped around her neck and even more in her dark red hair.

Judging by Ali being dressed in a full black latex outfit with cat ears next to her, it's evident that Logan is Poison Ivy from Batman. And my little villain looks wicked and sinfully sexy.


I would assume that some guys wouldn't love if their girl were dressed to impress with their body exposed like Logan's is tonight, but I can basically kick anyone's ass here if I needed to, and I love that Logan feels confident enough to dress up like this. Plus, she's typically so understated with her tomboy edge, so I'm enjoying seeing this other side of her.

"Dibs," a voice says, pulling me out of my heavenly daze.

"What?" I ask.

"Dibs on that fiery one right there," Jay says as he nods to Logan.

"What? No. Fuck no," I state with urgency.

"You guys hook up? You've never cared about sharing before," he casually says.

"No. No-no. It's not like that with her. Logan is... she's my girlfriend. Stay away from her," I tell Jay with command.

"Excuse me?" He asks, completely shocked. "Girlfriend? You have a fucking girlfriend?"

I don't respond because I know he already heard me.