I fucking love waking up to this girl. Especially when she's sleeping naked, sprawled on top of my body like she is today. She could barely even form a sentence last night when she got up to walk to the kitchen, needing some water, after I made her come two more times with my tongue. I use the term 'walking' loosely. She had trouble with that too.

I love seeing her that way. I love watching her come undone from my touch. What only I can do to her. Mostly though, I just love her, but I haven't told her yet.

I haven't moved since I opened my eyes about ten minutes ago. I didn't want to wake Logan. Her dark red hair is messily spread across my chest, and her face is buried in my neck. Her toned body is on top of mine, keeping me warm and a little turned on.

"Hi," she lazily whispers into my nape.

A smile forms on my lips from hearing her voice, realizing she's awake. "Hi, baby. How did you sleep?"

"Mmm," she hums, sedated.

I chuckle as I turn to kiss her forehead, running my hands down the length of her back and over her bare ass, holding it in my hands. "Ready for coffee?" I ask.

"Can't talk. Can't walk," Logan mumbles.

I laugh again as I flip her naked body over so she's lying with her back on the bed.

"I'll go make you some," I tell her with a smile as I hover over her before leaning in and kissing her tattooed collarbone.

I regretfully peel myself off of her as I pull on a pair of sweats over my briefs, skipping the need for a shirt. Before I leave, I turn back to get one last glimpse of my sleepy girl. Plush pillows and blankets surround her, but the only thing covering her is a thin white sheet, draping her lower half. Her perky tits are out on full display, and her hair is running wild around her. She looks fucking perfect right now as I click a mental image and store it in my mind for forever.

"Maddison," Ali says to greet me as she walks into the kitchen behind me.

"Bertoli," I say in return.

"Last name, huh?" She asks as she takes a seat at the kitchen island.

I make my way to the coffee maker, turning on the magic machine.

"You call me by mine. I thought it only fair to call you by yours."

"Well, I'm not gonna call you 'EJ,' and we both know you like that Logan is the only one who calls you 'Eli,'" she tells me as she shoots me a knowing look.

I give her a shrug. "Touché."

"So even though we are kinda-sorta friends now, I'm still gonna call you 'Maddison'," she says.