"Call you tonight after my game." Eli's last text read.

I've been sitting on this random bench in the middle of campus as I texted with my boyfriend. It's been five days since Eli asked me to be his girlfriend, and it's been four days since I've seen him. The team left Monday afternoon for a two-game road trip, and I've missed him so much.

I'm trying to get used to him being gone, but it's still hard not to see him for days at a time. However, this week alone has allowed me to get ahead on my school work so that I could spend the weekend with Eli when he gets home tomorrow night.

I'm admiring the little red heart emoji next to my boyfriend's name as I read his texts when I'm pulled from my daydreams.

"Hey. You're Logan, right?" A female voice asks me.

I look up to find a girl that I recognize from Marc's pictures. I also met her once at a hockey house party, but I have no desire to pretend like I want to talk to her.

"Yeah, I am," I say, not elaborating on the fact that I know who she is.

"I'm Lauren. We met at a party a few weeks ago. I used to date Marcus," she tells me.

She takes the liberty of sitting on the other side of the bench from me without my permission.

"So, you and Marcus have gotten really close," she states.

I don't respond because I honestly have no idea why she's talking to me. I know what she did to my best friend. I know she cheated on him and broke up with him without explanation. What I don't know is why she is sitting across from me, pretending like we can be friends.

"I've heard around campus that you guys have become really good friends," she adds. "I was just wondering how he is doing?"

"He's great," I state without expanding on my thoughts. I'm not going to divulge any information to this girl, but I'm sure as shit going to make sure that Marc sounds good when I do respond.

"That's wonderful. That makes me so happy to hear," Lauren says. Her words are kind, but I can tell she's full of shit. She has ulterior motives, but I just don't know what they are yet.

"Do you know if he's seeing anyone?" She asks.

And there they are.

"That's not my place to say," I tell her plainly, even though I know he's not.

"Can you at least just tell me if he's dating that girl from New York? The one from the party."

"Ali?" I ask her, confused. "Look, Lauren, I'm sure you're nice and all," I don't even believe myself when I say it. "But I'm not going to tell you anything about Marc. If you're so curious, you should just ask him yourself," I say with finality, but she doesn't leave my bench.

"But why does it matter if he is?" I ask, unable to keep my curiosity at bay. "You're the one who broke up with him," I remind her.

She sighs. "I know I did, and I've been second-guessing that decision lately. Marc won't respond to any of my texts, so I thought maybe he was seeing someone, but no one else on campus seems to have the answer. I figured you'd be my best shot of finding out."

She wants to get back together with him? Fuck that.