As soon as my parents left for the airport, I jumped in my truck to head to Logan's dorm. I could see Marc laughing at me from the front porch as I drove off, pulling out right behind my parents. He thinks I'm obsessed with Logan, and I think he might be right.

Marc and I stayed up pretty late last night, hanging out and playing video games. I hadn't seen or talked to him much since Logan and I got together, and I missed my brother this week. When I filled him in on how I was feeling about her, he didn't seem all that surprised. Marc knows me better than anyone. However, he was a bit surprised that Logan had told me everything about her parents and her ex, but I can tell that he's happy that she feels secure enough to let me in.

The fact that my brother and my girl are best friends just makes my life that much easier. I'm looking forward to the times spent together with my two favorite people, but right now, I'm looking forward to a night alone with Logan. There's something I need to do, and I've been thinking about it all day.

"Hi, baby," I say as soon as I open Logan's door. Before she can even respond, I wrap my arms around her and lift her up in my embrace. She wraps her long legs around my waist and swings her arms around my neck as I walk into the room with her attached to me like a little koala.

"Hi," she says before planting a single kiss on my jaw, igniting my whole body.

I set her back down on her feet and quickly place my lips against her collarbone.

"You look good," I tell her as I let my eyes wander her body.

"Eli, I'm in my pajamas," she laughs, unconvinced.

"Well, you always look good," I remind her. "But I'm going to need you to change. I'm taking you somewhere."

"What? It's after ten already," she reminds me with a confused expression on her face. 

"Yeah, and your first class got canceled tomorrow. Marc already told me. So I know you don't have to be on campus until noon."

She eyes me for a moment. "You're such a stalker that you know my schedule," she teases.

"You love it," I tell her, brushing her off. Because I know that she loves it, she loves my attention to her details. 

She tries to hold her smile back, but her dimples are far too noticeable. "Where are you taking me?"

"You'll know when we get there," I tell her with a sly smirk.

"You love keeping things from me, don't you?" She asks with an annoyed smile as she shakes her head.

"Only because you get all cute and flustered when you don't know what's going on."

She playfully rolls her eyes at me. "What should I wear?" She asks as she heads towards her closet.

"Just put on some workout clothes."

"Baby, I am not working out at ten o'clock at night," she tells me, crossing her arms in front of her chest, being her naturally stubborn self.

"We aren't. I promise. Just change, and I'll meet you outside," I tell her before I kiss her forehead and leave her alone in her room. I close the door behind me as I wait patiently in the hallway for her.

When Logan comes out of her room, fully suited up for winter in her wool coat, scarf, and beanie, I can't help but laugh. She's fucking adorable, and I find it hilarious that my little California girl can't handle the cold.

"I don't want to hear it," she says. "When you don't tell me where we are going, I have to prepare for anything."

"How cold do you think it is outside? It's only October, baby," I remind her as I laugh at her annoyance. I lean down to kiss her scowling lips as I continue to chuckle against her.


When we leave the dorms, and Logan realizes that she overestimated the chill, she peels off the scarf and unbuttons her coat. I try to hold back my knowing smile, but I can't.

"I hate you," she laughs as I intertwine my fingers with hers. I bring her hand to my lips and pepper it with kisses as I try to contain my amusement.

We start walking towards the center of campus, and Logan surprisingly doesn't ask too many questions about where I'm taking her.

"Did you have a good time yesterday?" I ask her.

"I had a great time." She tells me. "I loved getting to see you play. You're so good, and you have so many fans."

"Yeah, but I only care about one fan," I tell her as she smiles to herself and rests her head against my shoulder as we continue to walk hand in hand.

"And what about last night? With my family," I ask.

"They're great. I had so much fun with them. It was nice to have a family dinner again."