That was the best I've felt during a game in a long time. My head was in it, I was moving well, and I felt like I could really read the ice today. The great night of sleep I had last night didn't hurt, and I knew there was a pretty little red-haired thing watching me today. That was motivation enough. I kept looking to Marc's seats, assuming she would've sat there, but she never did. Somehow though, I still knew she was in the arena. The fact that I felt that calm during a game, it's like I could sense that Logan was close to me.

I don't think I could've been happier than when I finally saw her waiting for me outside of the locker room. I was hoping she would've been the first face my eyes landed on, but it was such a Logan thing to do for her to stand away from the crowd as if she wasn't the only person I wanted to see. She looked fucking gorgeous, as she always does, but today especially.

I felt a little guilty for the dirty looks she got from some of the girls in that tunnel after I kissed her, but it was about time everyone knew she was mine. However, my fumbling ass sounded like an idiot when I tried to introduce her to my parents. I wanted to tell them that she was my girlfriend, but Logan and I haven't talked about that yet, so I didn't know what to say. I didn't think that introducing her as just Logan would've said enough about what she means to me, but instead, I couldn't say anything.

I spent most of my life, avoiding having a girlfriend. The idea of someone else counting on me sounded dreadful. I've never wanted to be tied down to just one girl, but with Logan, I want nothing more.

I can feel the smile spreading on my lips from just seeing her little white Honda pull up in front of my parents' house.

"You didn't have to wait for me," she says as she walks up the driveway towards me.

"I wanted to," I tell her before I grab her hand and intertwine my fingers with hers. "You good?" I ask.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

"I don't know." I shrug. "You just met my parents. I wasn't sure if you were feeling nervous or anything," I tell her with concern.

"I was, but I feel better now. Are you good?" She asks as she laughs at me and my apparent anxiety. It's not that I'm worried my parents won't like Logan. I mean, it's impossible not to. To be honest, I'm more concerned that they're going to like her more than me. On a serious note, my nerves aren't that Logan won't fit in. It's more so that this makes me think of her parents and that I won't ever get the chance to meet them. I don't want her to feel sad being around my family, knowing that I'll never get to do the same with hers.

"I'm good if you're good," I tell her as I lean down and place a kiss on her forehead.

I open the front door for her before ushering her inside.

"Holy shit," she says as I follow her eyes towards the large glass window facing the backyard. "I didn't know your parents' house was on a lake," she says as she keeps her gaze locked on the scenic view.

"You've never been here when it's still light outside, huh?"

"I guess not. Damn," Logan says as I pull her away from the foyer and towards the living room where my family is hanging out.

"Logan, Warriors and OKC game just started," Marc tells her from his spot on the couch opposite of my dad. Both of their eyes glued to the television screen.

Logan quickly releases my hand and plops herself down on the couch between my dad and brother. All three of them intently watching the basketball game on TV.

I laugh to myself as I watch her. I guess I don't have to worry about Logan being comfortable around my family. I follow my nose towards the kitchen, where Mary is putting out boards filled with meats and cheeses on the counter. I snatch a slice of salami before taking a seat at the kitchen island.


"Nice game, EJ. You looked good out there," Mary proudly tells me as she garnishes the cheese boards.

"Thanks, I felt good."

"You looked calm. You looked like your old self, only better," she says.

"Yeah, I've been feeling better lately. Less anxious."

"I'm happy to hear that. And Logan is adorable," she adds, eyeing me and silently telling me that she knows the reason that I feel so at ease lately.

"Yeah, she's the best," I tell my step-mom.

"When did that start?"

"We met the weekend before school started. But, I just recently got my shit together," I tell Mary as I shove a handful of sliced prosciutto in my mouth.

"Well, do me a favor, and don't fuck it up," she tells me, pointing the cheese knife at me in a playful manner. "I finally get to have another woman in the house," she adds.

"You had Lauren, whenever she decided to come around," I tell her. Though we both didn't like Lauren for Marc, and honestly, I could count on one hand the times she was around my family in the three years they were together.

"Please, you know how I felt about her with Marc. This is different. I can already tell how much Logan means to you. And the fact that she and Marc are so close too, I just like the whole situation."

"Me too," I tell her as I stand and quickly kiss her on the cheek. I love Mary. Even though I refer to her as my step-mom or by her name, Mary knows that she's my mom. And she totally understands the fact that I keep the title of 'Mom' for my birth mother.

"I'm gonna go change," I tell her before taking the stairs two at a time to head to my room here.

When I come back down wearing my jeans and a tee, I find Logan, Marc, and my dad still sitting in their same spots on the couch watching the game.

"Westbrook is a beast," Marc says to no one in particular.

"Westbrook is a crybaby," Logan chimes in as OKC's point guard whines about not drawing a foul on his layup.

"She's not wrong," my dad laughs from his spot on the couch.

I walk around the back of the sofa and bend down behind Logan, wrapping my arms around the front of her shoulders and leaning my chin on the back of the couch.

She holds my forearm with one hand and uses her other to gesture towards the TV. "Now, Steph. Steph is a beast," she says as number thirty hits a deep three-pointer.