I can feel the spot between my legs throbbing in anticipation as Eli's hand slides further into my panties. No one has ever touched me here before, besides myself, of course, and I'm a little nervous. He's done this so many times before, with so many women, but before I can even get lost in those thoughts, Eli's fingers slide down and graze my clit, instantly clearing my mind. He hisses a sharp inhale between his teeth, and I let out a whimpering moan from the contact as I toss my head back onto him and push my ass into his erection.

"Fuck, baby. You're so wet for me," Eli breaths into my ear.

I once again find myself drifting off into my mind. Am I too wet? Should I be embarrassed? Is that a good thing?

Eli must notice my hesitation, now that I've stopped moving with him. "Stop overthinking, Logan. You're so sexy right now," he whispers into my ear, building up my confidence as he slowly circles his finger against my swollen bud.

He feels so good that I turn my mind off, close my eyes, and reveal in his touch. He rubs, and circles, and flicks, and fuck it feels so much better than when I touch myself. He knows exactly what to do. He holds me close with his other arm across my chest as his expert fingers continue to explore me, gliding, teasing, pinching. I open my legs wider, giving his talented fingers better access to me. He runs his long middle finger over my slit and into my soaking folds as his thumb continues to focus on my clit.

He groans as he begins to explore me deeper. "You feel so good on my fingers, baby," Eli says between ragged breaths. I think that making me feel good is making Eli even more turned on, and the growing bulge pressed against my ass would have to agree.

I feel sexy when I'm in his arms. He makes me feel wanted and craved. A sudden surge of confidence takes over as I reach behind me and slide my hand into Eli's sweatpants. I stroke his manhood over his briefs, and it jerks in my hand.

"Fuck, Logan," he growls into my neck. I could somewhat feel his size when he was pressed against me, but now, stroking him with my fingertips, I can feel just how large he truly is.

I continue to touch him, wanting him to feel as good as I do right now. I'm tempted to reach into his boxers and feel his skin on mine, but I want to do that when I can see him in my hands—in all his glory, not when my back is to him.

He continues to rub me between his fingers. My swollen clit begging for more. He quickens his pace and deepens his pressure as I stroke his dick with a matching tempo. Our breathing is ragged, and I feel the pressure building in my stomach, begging for a release as I grind against his hand, meeting his movements.

Eli abruptly stops and pulls his fingers off of me as I snap my head to look at him, confused by what just happened.

He starts pulling his sweatpants off but leaves his briefs in place. "Sorry, babe, but you're about to make me come, and I need these sweatpants to be clean for my trip," He says as he uses his feet to kick them off the rest of the way.

I chuckle but feel my cheeks warm at the thought of my hand having that kind of power over him. He leans over and presses his lips to mine, lingering them there for a moment. He drags the tip of his nose across my jaw before gently tugging at my ear with his teeth.

"Your hand feels so good on me, baby," he moans into my ear in a husky tone.