I can't help but laugh right now. This is the second time we've been interrupted by my best friend tonight, and Eli is pissed about it.

"I'm going to kill him," Eli says, shaking his head as I continue to chuckle. "Seriously, he is such a cock-block," He adds while glancing in his brother's direction. We can see the shadow of Marc's feet through the gap under the door.

"Ignore him," Eli says, looking back to me then down to my exposed chest.

"I can't. My light is on. He obviously knows that I'm home."

"Fine, I'll deal with him," Eli huffs as he peels his body off of mine and quickly heads towards the door.

"Wait!" I object as I cross my arms to cover my chest. "I don't have a shirt on," I remind him as I frantically sit up on the edge of the bed.

Eli eyes me for a moment, before bending down and picking up a shirt off the ground. "Mmm, I know," he purrs in my ear before kissing my cheek and putting the shirt in my hand.

He holds onto the doorknob and looks back to me, waiting for me to get dressed. I slip the shirt over my head, but it fits more like a dress. Eli's eyes soften, and his smile grows when he realizes he handed me his shirt instead of mine.

"Damn," he says, eyeing me as my cheeks heat.

After lingering on me for a beat, he returns his attention to his brother on the other side of my door.

"You're killing me, man," Eli says as he swings the door open.

Marc's expression goes from neutral, to shocked, to mortified as he looks from a shirtless Eli back to me, sitting on my bed, wearing his bother's tee. This shirt is so long on me he probably can't see that I'm wearing shorts underneath.

"Well, this is going to be in my nightmares tonight," Marc sarcastically says as he begins to chuckle awkwardly. I follow suit, giggling from the bed, my cheeks flushed from the whole situation.

Eli doesn't seem quite as amused. "We are right in the middle of something, if you know what I mean. What do you want?" He asks of his brother's presence.

"Okay, just because I'm cool with you sleeping with my best friend does not mean that I want to hear about it." Marc holds his hands up. "Or see it for that matter," He adds as he closes his eyes and turns his head to make a grimacing face.

Marc doesn't know that I'm a virgin. It's not something that has ever come up in conversation between us, and judging by the cocky smirk on Eli's  face right now, he loves the fact that he knows something else about me that his brother does not.

"I saw Logan's light on and was coming by to see if she wanted to go to the alumni party with me, but from the looks of it, I'm assuming that neither of you guys are going," Marc adds, glancing between Eli and me. "Why aren't you there? Jay is going to kill you," Marc asks, looking back at his brother.

"I didn't want to go." Eli shrugs. "But, don't tell Jay where I am, I don't need him to know."

"Why are you going so late?" Eli asks Marc, confused.

"I was busy," Marc responds, eyeing his brother.

"You should take Ali with you," I chime in from the bed.

"Yeah, Marc. You should take Ali with you," Eli agrees in a teasing tone as he gives his brother a sly grin.

Marc rolls his eyes in response. "So, you're really not going?" He asks his brother again.


"Good for you, man." Marc nods in agreement. "Logan, study session tomorrow?" He asks me, changing the subject.


"Yeah, let's do it. Noon?"

"Sounds good. Alright, love you both, but let's never do this again," Marc says as he motions between the three of us before turning to leave. I have a feeling that Marc seeing his brother and me together is going to happen a lot more often than Marc is willing to admit.

Eli closes the door and locks it behind him before walking over to stand directly in front of me, between my legs. My hands find his abdomen as I gently graze my fingers over the ridges of muscle, and I let out an involuntary yawn as I do so.