I slept terribly last night. Actually, I don't even know if I did sleep. When my alarm went off this morning, as a reminder to get ready for the gym, I was already awake. I continued to snooze it for another hour, hoping I would get just a bit of sleep, but it never came.

I don't even have the energy to get a workout in, which is very unlike me. I have the whole day to make it happen, but I don't have the motivation today. I feel defeated. It's not like Eli and I are together, but it doesn't mean that I feel any less disappointed and let down by his actions last night.

I don't have any plans for my Saturday besides studying. I was supposed to go to Eli's hockey game with Marc, but I don't think that's the best idea after how last night went down.

As I peel myself off my bed, I stand up straight and stretch my arms towards the ceiling. I feel my joints pop, and every muscle in my body is sore from my lack of sleep. The only thing that will make my aching body feel better is a long shower. The hot water will feel good against my muscles, and hopefully, it'll clear my mind too. I'm actually looking forward to taking my time in there as I remember how empty the coed bathrooms were last weekend.

I cover myself with my towel, grab my toiletries, and head on my way. Thankfully the showers are down the hall in the opposite direction of Marc's room. I don't want to risk running into Eli today.

When I walk into the bathroom, I'm disappointed to see more than a few people in here. It's much more crowded than it was last weekend, but still less so than on school days. I hold my towel tighter against my body as I begin my search for an empty shower stall. Most are taken, but I find one towards the middle of the row as I step inside and put my toiletry bag down. I double-check that the shower curtain is fully covering the opening before removing my towel and hanging it on the hook right outside.

The water starts cold, but it quickly turns warm. I turn the dial to the hottest setting and let the steaming water beat down on my body. I close my eyes and put my face directly under the stream as I try to clear my thoughts about the night before. Before I can even begin to relax, I hear Eli's name being called.

"Maddison! What's up, man!" I hear some guy excitedly say as Eli ignores him.

Shit. I didn't think Eli would come in here to shower. I knew he stayed in Marc's room, but I assumed he would've gone home when he woke up this morning.

"Hey, Maddison. Fancy seeing you here." Some chick says as I roll my eyes at her tone. This guy has girls fawning over him all the time, and quite honestly, it's getting annoying.

Again, he doesn't respond.

I can just imagine her gawking at his perfectly chiseled body while his towel hangs low on his hips, barely covering his manhood. The image almost makes me dizzy, that is until I remember that I'm upset with him.

"Logan! Logan, are you in here?" He yells out.

What the fuck?

"Logan!" He shouts again, looking for me.

I peek my head out of the curtain to see Eli pacing the shower stalls as he calls my name. He's fully dressed, shoes and all, with no intention of showering, and it's evident that he's here to find me.

"Eli? What the hell?" I ask as he snaps his head in my direction. His expression instantly shifts from frantic to relieved when his brown eyes lock with mine.

"I went to your room to talk to you, and you weren't there..." He begins as I roll my eyes and close my curtain to continue my shower. "Logan, I really need to talk to you," He continues as I stay silent, wishing the squeal from the shower head would drown out his voice.