I rush out of my physiology lecture as soon as it's over. For the first time in my college career, I'm determined to be early to a class as I begin to make my way to creative writing. I'm hoping to get there in time to sit with Logan. I didn't talk to her at all yesterday, and I'm still confused as to where we stand after Saturday night. After my confession, I didn't want to bombard her with texting her all day to check-in, but man, was I tempted.

I've almost made it to the lecture hall when I spot Cam and a couple of guys from the team, just ahead. The last thing I want to do is stop and chat with them right now, but there's no way to avoid it as they're in my direct walking path.

"Shit," I say under my breath as Cam spots me. I try to avoid making eye contact with him and continue on my way, but it doesn't work.

"Maddison!" He says as he jogs up to me. "What's up, man?" He pats me on the shoulder.

"Not much, just running late to class," I tell him as the rest of the group approaches. I try to make my way around them, but Cam grabs my arm to stop me.

"Why are you in such a rush, man?" He looks at me, confused. "Since when do you give a shit about getting to class on time?" He asks, laughing under his breath. "Hang out for a minute." He nods towards the rest of the team.

"I can't, I really gotta go," I tell him as I glance towards the lecture hall.

He looks at me with both surprise and confusion on his face. Typically, I would take any excuse to be late to a class or even miss it. It's not that I don't want to hang with Cam or the rest of the guys, and thankfully Patrick isn't with them, but this is the one class I'm actually looking forward to.

"Alright, see you at practice tonight, I guess." He shrugs, dejected, and confused.

I stop in my tracks and look up towards the sky as my shoulders sag. "Shit, I forgot tonight was our first practice."

"Dude, what is up with you? You've never forgotten about a practice before."

"Nothing. It's nothing." I shake my head. "Senior classes are just a bit more overwhelming than I planned," I lie as I look towards the lecture hall once again. "Speaking of, I really do have to go. I'll see you guys tonight," I tell the group as I begin to jog to my class.

"Don't forget about alumni weekend on Saturday, man!" Cam shouts in the distance.

Without turning around or slowing down, I shoot him a thumbs up in the air as acknowledgment.

Shit, I completely forgot that tonight was our first official practice as a team. How could I have forgotten? This season has been weighing on my mind ever since we lost in the playoffs last year. This final season is way too crucial for me to lose focus, and I have a senior showcase in Chicago in a couple of months. It's going to be riddled with NHL scouts. If I'm not on my A-game, my career is fucked.

I walk into creative writing with only two minutes to spare as I spot my biggest distraction sitting in the fourth row. Unfortunately, I'm too late, as all the seats around Logan are taken, so I find an empty chair a few rows behind her. It's been eating me up, wondering where we stand, so I decide to text her and see if I can gauge her reaction.

"Thanks for saving me a seat, friend." I sarcastically text.

I hear the ding on her phone from here, as she reaches into her bag and pulls it out. I notice a slight grin form across her lips as she reads my text message. That has to be a good sign, right?

Logan scans the room until she spots me. I feel relief wash over me as her green eyes lock with mine, and she cocks her head to shoot me a sweet smile. I give her a quick wave and try to hide my giddy expression as she returns her focus to her phone to type her response to me.