There is no way that I'm going to admit to Logan that I've already seen this season of 'New Girl'... twice. In the same way, I'm not going to admit that I didn't actually drive here, but instead walked. It'd be way too easy for her to kick me out if I told her.

I didn't know what else to do besides show up here and see if she'd forgiven me yet. I texted her multiple times with no response. Marc rolled his eyes at me when I asked him to double-check that he sent me the correct number. I started drinking as a way to distract myself, but it didn't work. It only made me think of her more as I found myself, once again, making the walk to the grad dorms.

She still seems somewhat upset with me and hasn't spoken a word since I sat down, but we've already watched three episodes, and she hasn't asked me to leave yet. There's no way in hell that I'm going to be the one to bring it up. Maybe she's beginning to forgive me, and perhaps she wants me here. I decide to test my theory.

"You know, Logan, it's rude to make your guests lay on the floor." I teasingly guilt her, hoping she will allow me on the bed with her.

"You're not a guest. Guests are welcome." She harshly responds though I detect a playful tone in her words.

I turn to look at her, hoping eye contact will help my case. "C'mon Logan. It's uncomfortable down here. Let me just lay on the bed." I whine.

She rolls her eyes and shakes her head at my obvious desperation. "Aren't you sober yet?" She asks, trying to suppress her smile, but her dimples are making their appearance regardless.

"Nope, still drunk," I state with a sly grin on my face. I'm not really drunk anymore, but I don't want to give Logan any reason to make me leave.

She laughs under her breath at my blatant fib. "I know you're full of shit right now, but fine. Stay on your side of the bed, though." She tries to sound stern, but the slight tug at the corner of her lips gives her away.

I proudly stand up, grab the pillow she lent me, and toss it back on the bed. I begin to climb over her body, to the other side, being sure to take my time and admire her as I do. I pause midway, with my hands on either side of her shoulders, flat against the bed, and my legs straddling hers. I haven't had much of a view of her since the room was so dark, but now, hovering over her, I can see her in all her glory. She's stunning, somehow even more beautiful than she was last night. She doesn't have a stitch of makeup on, and her hair is down in its natural wave. She's just wearing an old sweatshirt and a pair of shorts, but she looks absolutely perfect. My lips part as I allow my gaze to wander, taking in every stunning inch of her body.

She must notice me taking my time climbing over her because when I look up to her face, she's knowingly shaking her head at me and trying to suppress a smile.

"My bad," I tell her in my most seductive voice with my lips only inches from hers. I give her a devilish smirk and unwillingly make my way to the other side of the bed.

She chuckles and shakes her head again as she says, "You're hella dumb," in a playful manner. The fact that she doesn't give into my typical advances is frustrating but intriguing.

"Hella? Watch out Logan; your northern Californian is coming out." I tease from the opposite side of her bed as I continue to use my charm to try and break down her walls.

As we continue to watch the show, my focus shifts to her body that is less than a foot from mine, and I feel calm for the first time today. I didn't realize how exhausted I was from my lack of sleep last night and the stress I've been feeling, wondering if Logan would ever speak to me again. Now that I'm here, in her bed, with her so close, I can finally relax.


I turn to lay on my side, facing her, partly to be more comfortable, but mostly to have a better view. Her arm is casually draped in the space between us, and I can almost feel the warmth from her body, even from here. I decide to test my luck as I cautiously move my hand to touch her. I place it on her tanned forearm and gently hold on to her, needing to feel her. She doesn't even flinch or try to move away, and I feel like the luckiest son of a bitch in the world. I release an embarrassingly loud sigh of relief as I feel her warm skin against mine. My body begins to melt into the mattress from the calm that her presence brings me. I don't even finish one more episode before I find myself drifting off to sleep.


I open my eyes, expecting to find Logan next to me, but she's nowhere to be found. I glance down at my empty hand and begin to wonder where she is and how long I've been asleep. I reach into my pocket for my phone to check the time; It's.:15 in the morning. The light from my screen illuminates the room enough that I can see rustling on the floor.

"Logan?" I whisper.