My alarm went off at seven o'clock this morning, but I've been up, tossing and turning, most of the night. The alcohol has worn off, and the hangover has begun to set in as I feel the pounding pressure against my head. The way my night ended has not sat well with me, and I've been going over what went wrong, ever since.

My phone dings on my nightstand, and I grab it to see a couple of texts waiting for me—two from Alyssa, and one from Tony, the maintenance guy. Unfortunately, nothing from my brother, which I assume is because Marc is still pissed at me from our argument last night.

Without looking at the texts from Alyssa, I delete them but read the one from Tony.

"Maddison, We are working on the glass paneling at the rink today, so if you're coming to skate, can you wait until 9:00? Thanks."

I usually try to get to the rink by eight o'clock on the weekends to get in some time on the ice by myself, so I guess now I have an extra hour to kill.

I shoot Tony a text in response, "No problem, thanks for letting me know."

As I lie in bed, I contemplate using my hour to get some sleep and quickly realize it's a futile plan. I hop out of bed and start putting my hockey equipment into my gym bag, sure to grab my skates, pads, and helmet. I glance at the clock; I've only wasted five minutes.

I know what I need to do with my extra time, but I have to swallow my pride in order to do it. I need to apologize to Marc for how I acted last night, and while I'm there, maybe I can convince Logan to talk to me.

I dress quickly, throwing on a pair of basketball shorts, a long-sleeved t-shirt, and running shoes. Before I leave my room, I spot a baseball hat on my desk, and I throw it on, hoping it will cover the lack of sleep that's surely evident on my face.

The drive to the grad dorms is only a few minutes from my house, so I should have plenty of time to apologize before I need to get to the rink. The stereo blares as soon as I start the engine, but I shut it off. I need to use these few minutes to think about what I'm going to say to both Marc and Logan.

The common area of the grad dorms is packed with students. There are guys playing pool and girls sitting around the tables, chatting. I've been to these dorms a few times this week already, but have yet to see anyone out of their room. I guess grad students hibernate until the weekend comes around.

I get in the elevator, head to the C floor, and begin a different type of walk of shame down the hallway. Without thought, I pass Marc's dorm and head straight to Logan's. Marc will forgive me eventually; We are family, but Logan I'm not so sure about, and our conversation is the one that's weighing heavier on me

I knock on the door and wait for her to answer, but she doesn't. I contemplate if I should start pounding like I did last night, but my sober mind is much more aware of how rude that was. I'm probably here too early for a Saturday morning. She did get home late last night. I knock one more time just to be sure, careful not to hit the door too loudly and wake her up, knowing that would put me in even more hot water.

Still no answer.

A voice from down the hall calls out, "She's not home right now."

I turn around to find my brother standing in his doorway, halfway between the hallway and his room, looking in my direction.

"Hey," I say sheepishly, not knowing where we stand at the moment.

"Hey," He flatly responds.

I start walking towards him as I begin my apology, "About last night..."