I look from his eyes to his mouth and back again. His lips are so close to mine that I can feel the heat radiating off of them. I can no longer remember why I was so upset with him; all I can think about is how it would feel to have his lips on mine. I have to know.

I close my eyes and lean up, gently pressing my mouth to his. His lips are warm and soft. I feel my stomach tighten, and nothing can compare the euphoric feeling I have with his lips on mine. Our kiss starts slow and sweet, being sure to take in every moment and every movement, but I need more. I wrap my arms around his neck to pull him down closer to me as he opens his mouth slightly, deepening our kiss. I let my tongue connect with his as I hear him groan in pleasure. Our innocent kiss quickly picks up speed as he wraps his arms around my lower back and presses himself into me. Our bodies could not get any closer, but they mold together perfectly. His tongue laps around mine as I accidentally release a low moan, but it just feels so good; he feels so good.

Eli takes my noises as a cue to go further, but I'm not complaining. He lowers his hands under my butt and lifts my legs as I wrap them around him his waist. I tighten my arms around his neck so that our bodies are pressed together so firmly that I swear I can feel every one of his muscles through his shirt. He carries me to the wall on the side of the house and presses my back against it, careful not to separate his lips from mine. His mouth feels feverish in its movements, wanting more. I run my hands from his neck up to his hair, but I forgot he was wearing a baseball hat as I knock the brim slightly. It falls over his eyes, and he breaks our kiss to laugh at my clumsiness, and I join in. He releases a hand from the underside of my thigh while pressing me harder into the wall to keep me up and attached to him. He takes his hat off and tosses it to the side, not wanting to be bothered by it.

He looks back to me while our kiss is paused, searching my face, and out of breath. His expression goes from playful to serious as he looks at me thoughtfully. There's not much light in the alley, but enough that I can look down to his swollen lips, begging them to reattach themselves to mine. Before he reconnects our mouths, he whispers a soft, almost inaudible "come here," it's the hottest thing my ears have ever heard. My eyes flutter close as I feel the pressure of his mouth on mine again. His tongue expertly moves with mine, and his lips stay soft but firm enough to set the pace. I can tell he knows exactly what he's doing.6

Then, as I feel my body begging for more, I'm reminded that he, in fact, does know exactly what he's doing. He does this all the time, he is notoriously known for getting around, and I refuse to be another one of his many conquests. I can't be. I can't give him what he wants. I don't know how to be somebody's casual hookup, but I do know that's all he's looking for. I recall how he behaved with another girl just moments ago as I pull my face away from his. He leans in to continue, but I tell him to stop without much conviction behind my words. He ignores me by attaching his lips to my neck and works them over the sensitive spot below my ear. It feels incredible, but I can't do this. This is a bad idea, and I know it.

"Eli, stop," I repeat, this time with much more confidence.

"What's wrong?" He asks softly, pulling his face away to look at mine, searching for an answer to his question.