"Well, cheers to that!" Cam says, breaking the awkward silence as he lifts his shot and pours it down his throat.

Everyone follows suit except Ali because she already took hers, and Eli. I wonder why he didn't take a shot? He has a drink in his hand and judging by the redness of his eyes, he's been drinking for a while. I could care less that he's drinking tonight; if anything, it makes me want to join him.

After dealing with the Zac drama over the last few days and walking in to see that blonde girl hanging all over Eli, I'm starting to wish I would've joined in on taking a shot. The more I think about the fact that this girl, Alyssa, is one of Eli's hookup buddies, the more I need a drink.

I spot the vodka sitting in the middle of the table. I grab it by the handle and take a chug straight from the bottle, and it burns like hell going down my throat. I haven't had a drink in a while, and I almost forgot how much I dislike the taste.

I glance up at Eli as I put the bottle down. I can tell he was watching me the whole time as his mouth changes from being gaped open in shock to a devilish grin. He licks his lips as if he's trying to taste the alcohol on mine.

I'm annoyed at the fact that he has a girl hanging on his every word right now, but its hard to keep my poker face when he looks so damn good. He always does, though. He's wearing the same baseball hat he had on earlier. This time it's facing forward and shadowing some of his face, but I can still see his perfect brown eyes and dilated pupils from here. .

"Damn, girl. Okay!" Ali says to me, referencing my drinking straight from the bottle. "I guess we are drinking tonight." She laughs.

I feel warm from the shot already.

Marc starts filling up three more shot glasses. "Another?" I ask him as he hands one to me and one to Ali, keeping the third one for himself.

"Hell yeah, another!" He says while holding up his shot glass ready to cheers. "I haven't gotten drunk with you since Spain."

I blush at the memory of my drunken nights abroad. Marc had to hold my hair back on more than one occasion while I vomited into the toilet. The fact that he's excited to drink with me again is surprising, to say the least.