Fuck. I didn't even notice Alyssa hanging on me. I must be drunker than I thought. Logan has yet to look away from the girl at my side as I pull Alyssa's arm off of me and create some space between us. But it's too late. Logan looks back to me, with confusion and disappointment on her face

I can see Ali shaking her head at me out of the corner of my eye before she looks to Logan with a sympathetic smile.

"Hey, man," Marc says while greeting me with a hug, entirely unaware of the fuckup I just made.

"Hey," I say as I hug my brother, never breaking my eye contact from Logan. She does not look too happy right now.

"Hi, Logan," I say with as much joy in my voice as I can, but trying not to sound too desperate for her attention. 

"Hey." She responds, uninterested.


I know it's lame, but whenever we greet each other, it's always with a "hi" and never a "hey".  I sound ridiculous, but it's something I've noticed and reserved in my head only for her, whether or not she has realized it yet. 

"Logan, this is Alyssa and... Lauren." Marc informs her, pausing before saying Lauren's name.