I started drinking at around six o'clock today. That was a little over four hours ago, so you could say that I've been feeling its effects for a while now. I had an emotional couple of days, and the alcohol is helping to take the edge off. The house is crowded, unsurprisingly so, but I don't give a damn about a single person here. I've been looking towards the door for the last hour waiting for Marc to come through. I was hoping Logan would come if I invited her, but my plan didn't seem to work.

"Maddison!" I hear my name in a pitch so loud it could break a glass window.

"Hey, Alyssa," I say with indifference, keeping my eyes focused on the door.

"What's wrong?" She asks before sticking her bottom lip out in a pouty way. I can tell by how she's asking it's to be seductive, not because she actually cares what's going on with me right now.

"Nothing." I pull my arm away from her grasp as I look down at her.

She's wearing only a bra as a shirt, a skirt so tiny that her ass is hanging out, and heels so high that she's added five inches to her short stature. Before last week, I would've taken her into a random room and fucked her, seeing her look like this while she hung all over me. I can tell that's what she wants me to do right now, but ever since I met Logan, I haven't been able to think of anyone else besides that green-eyed girl.