"I'm assuming EJ stopped by your room this morning?" He asks me.

I silently nod my head in response.

"Yeah, he was asking where you might be." He pauses. "But to answer your question. I'm doing fine. I never liked Jamie much, especially how he treated his relationship with EJ. And as far as EJ goes, he is doing surprisingly well. Whatever you said to him the other night seemed to really resonate with him. He seemed a lot less angry towards Jamie, and I think they even had a real conversation before he passed."

He nudges my shoulder. "So, thank you. For whatever you said to him." He says as he gives me a grateful smile.

"Can I ask you a question?" I ask my best friend.

"Of course."

"Did you really need me to bring your assignments over the other night? Because I could've easily emailed them to you like I did the rest of the week." I suspiciously glance up to him.

He laughs as I catch him red-handed. "Well, I was happy to see you regardless, but honestly, I didn't know how to help EJ. I know the situation with your parents was different, but I've never dealt with losing someone before. I thought maybe you could help him."

I smile at his sweet answer. He's such a considerate person, and he loves his brother dearly.

"I'm sorry if you felt pressured to tell him about your dad, that wasn't my intention."