I think Fridays are going to be my new favorite day of the week. I only have one class today, and it doesn't start until eleven, so I got to sleep in later than usual. As I'm putting my books in my bag and getting ready to leave for class, I hear a knock on the door. I find it a little odd since Ali refuses to knock, and Marc is still out of town.

"Come in," I shout over my shoulder as I finish zipping up my bag with my back to the door.

"Hi." I hear them say.

I instantly recognize his voice.

When I turn around, I see Eli standing in my doorway with his hands in his pockets. He looks beautiful and taller than I remember. He's wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt that says "U of M Hockey" on the front paired with black sweatpants that hit just above his ankles, like joggers. He also has on a pair of running shoes and a backward hat. He looks comfortable, casual, and so sexy.

Once I close my mouth to keep myself from drooling, I respond. "Hi. I didn't know you guys were back yet."

"Yeah, we just got back into town. I was just dropping Marc off." He tells me before slowly eyeing me up and down, his lips slightly parted.

I nod my head in silence, finding myself lost for words at the fact that this boy is standing in my room right now.