The drive to Marc's parents' house isn't too long. Although, in the last couple of minutes, the weather has begun to take a drastic turn for the worse. I'm not used to these kinds of thunderstorms in California, and driving in them is scary. As I pull up, the rain has begun to beat down even harder. I open the driver's side door, and the wind is so strong that it swings the door open, almost hitting Marc's car parked next to mine. I grab his assignments from the passenger seat, place them under my crewneck sweatshirt to keep them dry and make a quick dash for the house. I didn't wear a rain jacket or even a sweater with a hood because it wasn't raining when I left. Just as I knock on the front door, a thunderous boom erupts, and a flash of light burst through the sky

Shit, that one felt close.

Marc answers the door, and the smile on his face quickly changes to a look of shock as he sees the state of the weather outside.

"Oh my god! Get in here." He says while urging me inside. "When did that start?" He points to the rain.

"During the last few minutes of my drive," I tell him as I wipe my wet shoes off on the entryway mat.

He glances outside one last time before closing the front door.

I take the papers out from under my sweatshirt. I want to give them to Marc as quickly as possible and be on my way.