I spot three seats together towards the front of our economics lecture. I take the middle of the three and place my bag on one chair and my jacket on the other to reserve them for Marc and Ali. Marc left our last class early when he got a call from his dad, but I doubt he would miss another in the first week of school. That's just not like him.

As the class is about to start, I begin to worry that something is wrong with Marc. I glance around, but he's nowhere to be found. I see Ali rush through the doors, and she waves at me when she spots me towards the front.

"Hey, girl! Thanks for saving me a spot." She says as I pull my jacket off of her reserved seat. "Where's Marcus?" She asks while nodding her head towards the empty chair on my other side.

"I'm not sure. It's not like him to be this late." I glance around the room again.

I decide to quickly pull out my phone before class begins, and I see a text waiting for me from Marc.