Tuesday started about the same as Monday did. I woke up early to get in an hour on the rink before classes began. Tony, the maintenance guy, made me a spare key so I could come by in the mornings to skate before running the Zamboni over the ice for evening practice. After getting a workout in, I suffered through my classes while not really paying attention to any of my professors. The class I was dreading the most is now the only one I look forward to, but of course, that's only once a week, and now I have to wait until Monday for creative writing.

As I walk out of my final class of the day, I see Marc leaning up against a post right outside the door. That's weird; I'm pretty sure he has his own classes right now. I notice the expression on his face and worry instantly floods over me. Is everything okay? Are our parents okay? Is Logan okay? I surprise myself by internally asking that last question.

I walk up to him with confusion on my face.

"Hey." He says solemnly.

"Okay, who died?" I ask sarcastically trying to lighten the mood.

He doesn't respond. He just looks down towards the ground. Fuck. Someone did die.