I start to make my way to the main bar on campus, Gopher's Grove, but I've learned that the students here like to refer to it as Double G. I make the walk confidently as I remember the route I saw on the campus map. This weekend I spent time looking it over to better situate myself with my new home. I also made sure to figure out the quickest route back from the hockey house to my dorm in case I ever got stuck there again.

Double G is pretty crowded for a Monday evening. It's the first day of classes, so I would have assumed people would be studying, but instead, most everyone is out grabbing a beer. I spot Marc through the crowd sitting in the back left corner at a table for two.

He sees me as I walk up, and he stands to greet me. "Hey!" He says while hugging me.

"Hey! How much of the game did I miss?" I ask while looking up at the closest TV.

"Still in the first quarter. Nothing too exciting yet."

"Perfect," I respond as I swing my backpack over the back of my chair, and we both take our seats.

"How was creative writing?" He asks while keeping his eyes glued to the game.