I make my way to my last class of the day, creative writing. I had to take one elective this semester to graduate next, and this was the only one that fit in with my practice schedule. I'm dreading it. 

I walk in with only two minutes to spare until class starts. The lecture hall is large and mostly full at this point. I spot an empty chair towards the back and take a seat. The professor enters and looks to be about ten years older than me. He explains how the class is going to work, and thankfully it seems pretty easy to pass. I'm not one to be creative, and writing is not my specialty, so the easier it is to get through this class, the better. 

Thankfully this week's class only lasts for about five minutes. I just have to wait for the log sheet to make its way to the back row so I can get out of here. At least now, I have about an hour to kill before training. It's just a weight lifting session, but still, it's important. I need to build as much muscle as I can before the season starts, and I've been working towards it all summer. 

I slump back in my chair, and my eyes wander the room until they land on a girl with dark red hair towards the front of the class. I perk up because I recognize her instantly. She signs the log and begins to look around the room until her green eyes lock with mine, and she smiles. She offers me a small wave, and I do the same in return. She must've seen my name on the sheet because I could tell she was looking for me. Suddenly this class just became a lot more interesting. 

She gets up and heads towards the exit after grabbing a syllabus from the professor's desk. I'm still sitting here waiting for that damn log sheet to make it back to me. Maybe I should've sat towards the front, and I would've gotten out of here a lot sooner. She's almost to the exit. I say a quiet "fuck it" under my breath as I decide to get up and follow her out. Before I leave, I stop by the fourth row of seats where the log sheet currently is and snatch it from a kid that looks so small I'm assuming he's a first-year. He seems scared as he offers me his pen to initial next to my name. 

I swing by the desk where professor Kenny is chuckling and shaking his head at me. I give him a shrug and a sly smile as I grab a syllabus from his desk. I rush out the door and spot Logan ten yards away, about to cross the street. 

"Logan!" I yell to stop her. God, do I sound desperate or what? 

She turns around and smiles when she recognizes it's me. "Hi. What's up?"