I can't believe she's in my bed right now. I can't believe I allowed anyone to be in my bed. I lie on the floor with only my pillow and blanket. I doubt I'll get any sleep down here, but I honestly don't care. The thought of her wandering around campus alone in the dark is enough to make me want to sleep on the floor for the rest of the school year if it means she will be safe. 

I've been lying here for at least thirty minutes lost in my thoughts. Usually, my mind is racing with anxiety and unanswered questions of my future, but tonight all I can think about is the girl lying in my bed. The way she looked in my shirt is like something I've never seen before. She looked perfect, and I can't seem to get the image of her in my clothes out of my head, but I'm not sure that I want to. I glance at the clock on my nightstand. It's 3:35 in the morning. I need to be up at 7:00 for training. I turn over and close my eyes again, hoping for at least an hour or two of sleep. 

She must notice me rumbling because I hear her whisper, "Eli, are you still awake?" 

I try to sit up and look at her, but my room is pitch black. "Yeah, are you okay?" I whisper back to her, hoping she's not having trouble falling asleep. 

"Yeah. I just woke up and saw you moving around, that's all."