I make my way through the house in search of Marc. I haven't seen him for most of the night, and I just want to find him so that we can get back to the dorms. I don't see Ali anywhere, which I'm assuming is because she's off with Cam somewhere. I didn't intend to stay here so late, but I actually had a really good time. This night was the most fun I've had in a while. 

I continue through the house in search of my friend, but my mind wanders back to Eli. He's obviously gorgeous, charming as hell, and if I'm being honest, he's been stuck in my head most of the night. I usually wouldn't think twice about a cute guy I randomly met, especially right now when I just want to focus on me, but between the things Marc has told me and the impression he gave me tonight, I find myself intrigued and confused about him. 

I've been looking for Marc for about forty-five minutes with no luck. I start to get a bit frustrated at myself for staying so late with no way to get home regardless of the fun I had. The house is beginning to clear out, but I wouldn't trust a ride from someone after most party guests have been drinking all night. Asking for directions would also be pointless. The campus is enormous, and I had a hard enough time in broad daylight trying to find my dorms, let alone trying to find them in the middle of the night with directions I received from a drunken stranger.  

I make my way back into a room I've already checked three times. Just as I turn the corner, a guy stumbles into me, spilling his beer down the front of my shirt. I close my eyes, hoping that I just imagined things, and that did not just happen. 

"That's just great," I say while feeling the moisture seep through the fabric. 

"Oops" he drunkenly laughs and continues stumbling through the house. 

I head to the kitchen to try to clean myself off. I smell like beer, and my clothes are becoming sticky. I grab the paper towels next to the sink and dampen one under the faucet. While I try to wipe my shirt clean, I hear Eli's name. 

"You know how Maddison is." 

I look over and see a blonde girl talking to two of her friends. She's leaning over the counter, and it causes her chest to stick out and appear larger than it already is.