I spend the next couple of hours working the room and talking to a bunch of people I don't give a shit about. I haven't seen Marc since he left me to find his ex, and I haven't seen Logan since she left the kitchen to play beer pong. I decided to stick to my plan of not drinking tonight, and it's making this point of the night harder to get through sober since everyone is pretty drunk and not making much sense. Sometimes I wonder why I even throw these parties when I don't like the majority of the people who show up anyways. I guess I do it because it's what people expect me to do. 

It's late, and I have to get up early for training tomorrow. I should get upstairs and get some sleep. Well, at least try to get some sleep. I've spent most of the last couple of hours either having people remind me that it's my last season this year or asking if I've heard of any teams looking to call me up to the NHL for their season. Both of which are causing me to feel the anxiety I've been trying to avoid feeling all night. 

I start making my way through the living room to get to the stairs when I hear yelling from the far side of the room where the beer pong table is. It's not actually yelling, I hear, but its extremely loud cheering. I look over and see that Logan and Ali are playing. Have they been playing this whole time? I head towards them to see who their opponents are. It's Cam and fucking Patrick. I roll my eyes. 

There's a crowd that's gathered and watching the game. I stay towards the back, but because of my height, I can see just fine. I stand a ways behind Cam, and my sightline is perfect. I can see everything Logan does. She tosses her hair over her shoulder, perfectly lines her elbow up with the table, and takes a sip from the drink in her other hand. 

She has a drink in her hand. She must have decided to switch to something harder than water. I don't care that she's drinking; I just hope no one forced her to. Especially Patrick. 

"Six, Patty! You're about to lose six times in a row!" Someone in the crowd yells. 

Have the girls won five times already? That's fucking awesome. I scan the players and notice that Logan doesn't seem drunk at all. Ali appears about the same level of buzzed as she was when I saw her in the kitchen, and both of the boys look pretty hammered. 

"Fuck! I know! Cali has been hustling us this whole time!" Patrick yells back. 

Did he just call Logan, Cali? I hate that. Why does he have a nickname for her already? He doesn't even know her. I realize that he's spent more time with her than I have because they've been playing this game for so long, but fuck, he doesn't know her. 

I look at the table of cups and see that the girls still have seven sitting in front of them, and the boys have only one. Logan can win it on this shot. 

"It's not my fault that you're both terrible at this game!" Logan yells back to him, and it makes me smile. She seems tough; I like that. 

As the last word leaves her mouth, she shoots the ball across the table, and it lands perfectly in the final cup. Everyone is drunkenly screaming and yelling. A couple of people start chanting, "Six! Six! Six!". Logan puts her cup down and throws both of her hands in the air and spins around. She and Ali are both laughing, and she looks happy and free. It makes me smile. 

This feels weird. Outside of my family, I've never cared if someone else was happy. But I think back to what Marc said about her having a hard life, whatever that means, and I'm glad that she's happy at this moment. 

"One more! C'mon!" Cam drunkenly yells out while holding on to the table just to keep himself upright. I don't think he could handle losing another game. 

I start heading towards the stairs to go to my room, but I look back for a second to get one last glimpse of Logan for the night, and she catches me doing so.